Campaign 2023-2024

Teens need you. Thank you for helping us realize our ideal : making Quebec the best place possible to grow up

Campaign 2023-2024

For over 30 years, Tel-jeunes has dedicated all efforts to support Quebec’s youth aged 12 to 17. Of course, teenagers and their needs evolve over time, and our teams are always at the forefront to observe these changes.

In addition to providing professional intervention through chat, text, and phone, we offer a unique service provided by teenagers. We also disseminate original, rich, and relevant content in various ways: podcasts by and for young people, trainings, workshops and tools for school staff, discussion forums, and more.

If we have the means to offer such innovative support services tailored to the needs of young people, it's thanks to the generosity of numerous donors. People who care about the well-being of all adolescents in Quebec. People like you.

Facing a new challenge

This year, one of our major challenges is to specifically reach out to young boys. Out of the 57,000 moments of interaction between Tel-jeunes and a teenager in 2022, only 20% involved boys. Teenage boys are less likely than girls to seek help; however, their needs are just as real, and their situations often reach a critical point because the call for help has been delayed.

Thomas's case

I wrote to a counsellor today to help me announce to my girlfriend that I had some embarrassing health issues. They helped me face my fear or rejection, and it went well. Thank you.
Thomas (fictitious name), on the Tj Chat

Tel-jeunes wants to do more, especially for young people like Thomas, seeking support. Some are looking for answers, others for advice or tools, but all need to confide without delay. It is a privilege for Tel-jeunes to be there for these teenagers; they trust us.

And they trust you. By donating to the Tel-jeunes Foundation, you are telling the teenagers of Quebec to lean on you when things are not going well. You are a significant adult for them.